The app

See it

See what’s coming up, choose what you want, and watch it as it’s happening. On our white-label apps, there’s nothing off-topic, just high quality content that you want to see.

Shape it

Immersive viewing is a totally different experience. Talk back to the broadcaster and the other viewers in the chat, have your say on the polls, and shape what happens.

Share it

If the moment is a good one, you’ll want to share it. Share out clips, pics, and chats on your own social channels.

The Studio

This isn’t linear TV—there are no straight lines anywhere in your job. Content comes from studio cameras and mobile broadcasters, on site and remote. And now content travels everywhere, from the official channels that you own, to social media, to aggregator websites and apps.

In the middle, there’s you: turning raw streams into branded content, directing your team, and watching dozens of micro audiences become one, under your spell.

The Broadcaster

Whether you’re the whole crew, one of many field teams, or just the talent, you’ll love the control and connection of our mobile broadcasting app. You can go anywhere you have a signal, open up a channel and start broadcasting.
You can watch what the audience is saying in the chat, and send out polls to find out exactly what they think. It’s interactive broadcasting that closes the distance between the creator and the audience.

Speakerbox in action

The XCAT World Championship

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